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Grilled Halloumi with grilled sprouting broccoli and yellow courgette, lemon, herb and olive dressing
September '16

Per serve; 380Cal, 20.5g Protein, 8.5g Carb, 25g Fat


Per person

70g                  Sheep/Goat halloumi

60g                  Tenderstem broccoli

100g                Yellow courgette

10                    On the vine cherry tomato

Salt and pepper.



20g                  Green olives in brine (drained)

½ juice             Lemon

½  tbsp            Olive oil

1 tbsp              Herbs (2  x sprig mint, 2x sprig lemon thyme, 2x sprig oregano)




1. On greaseproof paper, sprayed with olive oil, place the vine of cherry tomatoes, season with salt and pepper. Roast in a 180C oven for 10-15mins.


2. Snap the woody ends of the broccoli, and cut the courgettes into 1cm square batons. On a dry griddle pan, place the vegetables, cook and colour with grill marks. The broccoli will take about 6mins, the courgette 10mins.


3. Prepare the dressing by finely chopping the olives and herbs, then combining with the lemon juice and olive oil.


4. Slice the halloumi into 5 slices 3-4mm thick. Once you have removed the broccoli from the griddle, add the halloumi, griddle for 3-4mins on each side. Do not turn over until grill marks are complete and unstick.


5. Remove the tomatoes from the oven. Plate up, with broccoli and courgette first, spoon over half the dressing. Add the cooked halloumi on top and tomato vine on the side. Spoon over the remainder of the dressing. Season with black pepper, it is unlikely to need extra salt.


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