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Jewelled feta supergreens salad
January '18



Packed full of anti-oxidants from greens and pomegranates. Anti-oxidants are vital to protect our bodies against oxidative stress, which can cause damage to our cells, leading to injury or illness.  The more active we are the oxidative stress the body is susceptible to so as you increase your worksouts it is important to raise your anti-oxidants.


414 Kcal, 39 Carbs, 15g Protein, 22g Fat


Ingredients = Serves 3

100g   Asparagus tips

100g   Sprouting broccoli

100g   Sugar snap peas

250g   Pre-made red and white quinoa (or cook your own from dried)

Juice ½ Lemon

10g     Fresh mint leaves (finely chopped)

10g     Flat leaf parsley (finely chopped)

Pinch of Himalayan pink salt

Black pepper

1tbsp  Avocado oil

½        Avocado

100g   Organic Feta cheese

¼         Fresh pomegranate (seeds)



Put the steamer pan on to boil with water. Prepare the asparagus tips and broccoli by cutting off woody ends and slicing into halves. Steam the asparagus, broccoli and sugar snap peas for 2mins. Refresh in the colander immersed in a bowl of iced water.


In a bowl, combine the quinoa, lemon juice, avocado oil, seasoning and herbs. Stir in the cooled vegetables. Chop the avocado into 1cm pieces, sprinkle over the top, followed by the feta cheese and then finally the pomegranate seeds.  Serve on its own as a vegetarian dish or with fish or chicken as a side dish.

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