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Buckwheat Stuffed Pancakes
Gluten Free, Healthy and Delicious - February '17

Buckwheat pancakes

Ingredients - make 6-8



1 cup              Buckwheat flour

A pinch of    Himalayan  salt

2 large          Organic eggs

1 cup              Organic goats milk

½ cup             Filtered water

1 knob           Organic unsalted goat’s butter


Filling - per portion

50g                Organic spinach

100g              Organic smoked salmon or

50g                Organic feta cheese

1                     Organic egg

Black pepper to taste                   



Place the flour and salt in a bowl. Make a well in the middle of the flour and break the eggs in to the centre. With a balloon whisk start to beat the eggs gradually incorporating the flour from the edges as you do so. Mix the water and milk together before also gradually adding this to the batter. Keep adding liquid until the batter is smooth and the consistency of thin cream.


To prepare the spinach, place in a saucepan with lid. Heat on a medium stove, stir once or twice it will only take a minute or so until wilted. Set aside.


Heat a heavy based frying pan on a medium stove. Allow a knob of butter to melt in the pan, before spreading it and removing any excess fat from the pan with kitchen paper. Ladle in the batter, whilst swirling the pan to create an even, thin crepe. Cook on one side until it starts to brown (a minute or two). Flip the crepe, break an egg in the middle of the crepe, add spinach and either the feta or salmon. Allow for the other side of the crepe to brown and the white of the egg to cook through. Using a spatula, fold up the four sides of the crepe to make a square. Serve.

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