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Festival Wellbeing Guide
June '15

Summer festival season is upon us and with every weekend of summer becoming a social whirl of events here are my top tips to stay feeling good on the inside and looking fab on the outside.


Number 1 top tip is to stay hydrated. Long days in the sun, hot tents, dancing the night away and alcohol consumption all can lead to dehydration, which in turn contributes to headaches, dry skin and constipation. It is important to rehydrate effectively with mineral  electrolytes as well as water.  Stock up on fresh coconut water such as Chi’s raw organic coconut water or if they are too big to carry Nuun natural electrolyte tablets can be added to water.


Wouldn’t it be great if there were natural healthy ways to fuel your party feet?! Well there are ….


B vitamins fuel your energy production so taking a shot of these can keep you going, other foods such as green tea, ginseng and bee pollen can give you natural boost. Natures Plus Potent-C Energy individual sachets combine these ingredients are perfect and convenient for festivals.


Beet it shots from beetroots have high levels of nitric oxide (NO), which have been shown to improve blood flow therefore performance and stamina. They were used by Team GB in the last Olympics. Take 2 hours before you hit the dance floor.


Steel some ice from the festival bar to make a energy iced mylkshake with matcha green tea, Elements for Life raw cacao in a handy grinder and almond milk. Slow release caffeine to keep you going for up to 6 hours, plus packed with antioxidants for liver detoxification and glowing skin.


Camping in a field with lots of background noise, it isn’t the easiest place to get your beauty sleep.  Pack earplugs, an eye mask and some lavender oil to help you relax into a restful slumber.



Even the relatively weak UK sun, being outside all day it is important to look after your skin and protect against harmful rays. Many oils have a natural SPF. Mix carrier oils such as almond oil and coconut oil which have a low SPF (4-6) with essential oils of Red Raspberry Seed Oil and Carrot Seed Oil which have high SPF to make natural sunscreen.

If you do overdo it, look after your liver with milk thistle and turmeric. 100% Green vegetable juice is a life saver, but if that isn’t available Nature Plus Green Lightening Sachets can help bring you back for day two in the field.


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