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Six ways to pretox before the Christmas party season
December '16

The Christmas party season is just around the corner, which means a festive few weeks of office dos, team nights out and too many mince pies. But all those festive frivolities can quickly leave us feeling worse for wear - whether it’s bad skin, a stonking hangover or just generally feeling run down.

So, we’ve teamed up with nutribullet x currys to bring you six amazing tips for getting your body prepared. Here are my top superfoods that are jam-packed with powerhouse nutrients and a must for your pretox plan before the silly season begins.


What is a pretox?

Never heard of pretoxing before? Well, it’s the latest health trend for party-goers wanting to have fun and look after their health. Far more effective than detoxing – which takes place once the damage has already been done – pretoxing makes sure your body is fully prepared for all that extra eating and drinking. It helps prevent damage to your cells and gets your detoxification system ready for the Christmas overload.


When should I start?

Starting a pretox plan 2-3 weeks before the party season can help your gut, liver and digestive system process all that eggnog, prosecco and mulled wine more easily. Add these six superfoods to your diet now if you want to look fresh and healthy for the Christmas party season.


Want a quick and easy way to consume these powerhouse superfoods? Then a blender might be just the thing for you. Check out the wide range of Nutribullet blenders available at Currys, that’ll help your body feel refreshed and healthy come January 1st.

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