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"I recently flew Libby to New York City to run a Healthy Brunch Cooking Workshop. Libby developed 8 brunch recipes that included vegan and vegetarian versions. Libby was extremely well received there and has been requested by the 30 attendees to return State Side as soon as possible.

I can highly recommend Libby in the area of Holistic Nutrition and can be often found going to Libby for advice in all areas of health and nutrition...all the time!"
Georgia Sinclair BA Human Movement, Grad Dip Ed (PDHPE) Children and Adolescent Health and Exercise Consultant
October '11

"Libby visited our office as part of a program we ran for employees which focused on wellness.

She ran an excellent seminar on the basics of nutrition which was super informative and filled with loads of handy hints for healthy eating. We also took part in an hours workshop (under Libby's supervision!) where we made a variety of simple and super-tasty meals and snacks. 

Throughout, Libby was excellent - informative & knowledgeable, helpful, professional, down to earth and an all round lovely lady. We are hooked on some of her delicious recipes in the office (particularly the yummy smoothies) and have made a few changes to our grocery list (chia seeds and maca powder are now a must!)

I would thoroughly recommend booking Libby for an office or group workshop - she worked very hard to tailor the evening to exactly what we needed, everyone really enjoyed themselves and most importantly, she made an impact on everyone who took part. Thank you Libby!"
Hannah @ UK
May '14

"Thanks for all your advice - I've had a brilliant week so far!

It has been wonderful having a menu plan, set recipes, set snacks etc. as well as the list of alkaline foods so I can assess other meals (including take out options) as well. Looking forward to the rest of the week and taking these principles with me beyond as well!!

I'm feeling really energised and my skin looks amazing after the juice weekend."
REBOOT-CAMP Participants
July '13

"I want to thank you for how much my relationship with food has changed. I cant pretend my diet is perfect but it has definitely improved. But mostly my awareness has changed. I don't see food as 'bad' or 'good' anymore but more as food that will actually nourish/energise me and food that is empty. I am more conscious in the choices i make and therefore am able to get rid of the useless 'ooops - shouldn't have eaten that' internal nagging and just enjoy each thing for what it is.

I came to you in January because, although my meals were pretty balanced, I felt i relied heavily on caffeine and sugar to get me through busy dancing days. Not anymore!

You were a great mentor and the plan was very well structured."
Lucy Hillier
May '14

"On behalf of Mojiva, I would just like to say how informative and engaging your recent workshop was for us. We had some great feedback from staff in all of our offices both here and in the US. It definitely had the right balance between education and real world advice and tips. We hope this is the first of many, and I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone looking to learn more about eating and living in a more healthy way."
Will Bishop Senior Sales Manager
March '13

"20 years ago a cholesterol test showed that I had a very high cholesterol reading of over 8. I do not suffer from high blood pressure, however there was a history of CVD on the male side of my family. Although I was already on a low fat diet, my doctor recommended I could improve my diet further e.g using benecol and cutting out butter and full fat yogurt etc. The change in diet did bring my cholesterol level down a little, but 13 years ago I started taking 20mg simvastatin a day.

There was a very dramatic reduction in my cholesterol levels going down to 4.28, however over the years I began to feel less well. I started to suffer from short term memory loss and also an increasing level of anxiety. I was not sure if these symptoms were caused by the simvastins but I decided to stop taking them to see if I improved. I discussed alternative support with nutrition therapist Libby Limon, she recommended diet and supplements to support my liver and bowel detoxification, and increase my HDL cholesterol which was very low at this point. Since stopping the simvastatin in 2011 and starting Libby’s recommendations the anxiety and short term memory loss have improved considerably. My total cholesterol level now is at what is considered borderline (much lower than my original readings), but a CRP test showed negative, and I have good ratio of LDL/HDL."
Barbara Aged 70
September '14

"I am blessed and honoured to have Libby in my life as a friend and yoga teacher. However, her presence in my life as a nutrition has had a profound effect.

One of the many things I love about Libby is that he advice is practical. She works with you and your lifestyle, without judgment. This is why it is easy to implement into your everyday regime and in no way feel your on a diet. Also, she's more concerned with your health in the long term, not you dropping 10 pounds for summer!

She wanted me to eat more of the right things and exercise less... win win with the right tweaking you feel so good and a lot less stress about getting to the gym.

The proof is in the pudding - I've lost 5 kilos this year and wholeheartedly put it down to Libby's wonderful advice. My blood sugar is under control and I feel fantastic.

I recommend her to everyone I know and now I'm doing the same for you. Libs is truly nutrition for life."
Kandy Rohmann
February '14