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Brand Consultancy

Whether you have a product or service within the health sphere or further afield, holistic health can increase engagement and benefit your marketing strategy. Libby provides content, recipes and articles for websites or marketing materials. As a respected expert in her field, Libby works on behalf of brands (with integrity) speaking to journalists, press and other areas of public relations. Additionally she reviews products and venues for other on and offline publications.

Corporate Wellness Days/Courses

Investing in wellbeing for your company is a win win. Not only does it fulfil corporate responsibly it also reduces sick days and increases focus and productivity. Short lunchtime seminars to full day or weekly courses, all levels of commitment and budgets are catered for. As part of a wellness programme we could design lunch time office based seminars on eating for health and energy, cookery workshops on easy healthy foods to be prepared in a small office kitchens or deliver at corporate away days and events. Whatever your need or focus we can use our knowledge and skills to develop a programme to suit you and support your business. Libby works with catering partners to supply in-house healthy office breakfast, lunches, smoothies and juices. Contact to enquire about how Libby can help you successfully incorporate nutrition and lifestyle into your organisation or business.

Recipe Development

Libby’s passion is food, so enjoys nothing more than time in the kitchen developing recipes. Libby has worked with a number of restaurant and cafe partners, to create dishes and menus that meet the ever growing demand for healthy, nutritious and delicious food not just at home, but out and about too. She brings a unique experience of how to marry healthy cooking into the professional environment, having previously worked in the catering industry and enjoys working with the in-house chef teams.

Corporate Yoga classes

Yoga is a great match with the corporate world, it can focus the mind therefore increase productivity, it counteracts work stress as well as relieve physical tensions from hunching over computer screens! It does not need a lot equipment just a space and a few mats. If you don’t have space in-house, Libby has studio spaces available for hire in east, central and west London. If you are interested in having a lunchtime or afterwork yoga course or having a yoga lesson as part of an away day/corporate event please contact us.