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Watermelon, crispy harissa baked chickpea salad
February '19


Watermelons are mostly water so are very hydrating. However they do have high  glycemic index (GI), therefore is important to balance them out with proteins and fibres. Chickpeas do this job perfectly and the marriage of flavours in this dish is really uplifting. If you cook the harrissa chickpeas for 5 mins or so longer they become hard and can double up as tasty snack.


414Kcal, 56g Carb, 17g Protein, 13g Fat


Ingredients -  Serves 2

Harissa Baked Chickpeas

1 tin                Chickpeas (drained)

2 tsp                Harissa paste

1 tbsp            Olive oil

2 tbsp            Gram flour

Sea salt and pepper



½                     Lemon (juiced)

½                     Red onion

½                     Watermelon (small)

75g                  Watercress and baby spinach



1tbsp              Mint

100g               Sheep’s probiotic yoghurt

Sea Salt and pepper



Rinsed and dry the chickpeas with kitchen roll, discard any loose skins. Mix the oil and harissa paste together and then coat the chickpeas in the mixture. In a separate bowl mix together the gram flour and seasoning. Toss the harissa coated chickpeas in the flour and then dust off the excess. Place on a baking tray, and bake for 20-25mins at 200C, turning half way.


Meanwhile, finely slice onion and marinate in lemon juice and seasoning.  


When ready to serve assemble the salad on a serving platter. Start with the watercress and spinach, watermelon chopped into bite-sized chunks, add the marinated onions and the roasted chickpeas (still warm), sprinkle with black pepper. Combine the left over lemon juice with the sheep’s yoghurt, mint, seasoning to make the dressing and serve.

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